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SIAD BOG Compressors: A Proven Track Record

SIAD “Boil-off Gas” (BOG) compressors are oil-free, reciprocating compressors for the compression of the BOG which evaporates from the stored liquefied methane (LNG) at extremely low gas temperatures at -170 ° C.

SIAD: A leader in design of sustainable compressors using the latest design technology.

Flexible, efficient, and high-performance compressors from SIAD allows the recovery of evaporated methane, reduce waste and minimize the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Digital Design - Digital Twin

A thermodynamic simulation software, combined with the SIAD technicians’ and engineers’ proven track record allows the investigation and the study - on the digital twin model - of fluid Dynamics and thermodynamic phenomena, even transient ones, occurring during the compressor operation, enabling the analysis and selection of the most appropriate materials from the point of view of operation and cost optimization.

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