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Wet CO2 will put any compression system under stress: the problems arising due to the presence of water need to be addressed in a specific manner to avoid risks of corrosion or wear. SIAD has developed a CO2 compressor designed to ensure high performance and quality through innovative designs which can be,

  • specific with respect to the challenges of wet CO2 and
  • general for the operation of each individual compressor

The design ensures high reliability of the CO2 compressor, including its durability while minimizing energy consumption.

Food-grade CO2

Completely oil-free operation assures the CO2 meets the required gas purity for food-grade. The oil-free operation results from the design of the distance piece and the use of specific materials for food-grade CO2 application.


  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Biogas production
  • Ammonia production
  • Blue Hydrogen production
  • Wellhead recovery
  • Ethanol Production
  • Combustion CO2 capture systems
  • Dry ice
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals production
  • Gas Treatment

A proven technical background

SIAD applies its technical expertise to identify the main factors that increase the life of the compressor and reduce energy consumption. The following design approaches result in an increase in the service life of the compressor and the MTBM (mean time between maintenance):

  • optimized balancing of compressor masses to reduce vibration, with consequent increased life of the components.
  • low piston linear velocity, ensuring longer life of the seals.
  • layout optimization with linearization of the piping and the use of wider pipes, to obtain low gas circulation speed. This is essential to reduce pressure losses and favor separation of the condensate, for more efficient operation and reduced consumption.
  • ad hoc design in accordance with the principles of operation and maintenance ergonomics, in addition to being fully automated for remote operation.


Model Capacity lb/h Capacity kg/h Intel pressures
Delivery pressure
Delivery pressure
bar (a)
Number of
compression stages
TS2-2 330 150 atmospheric 275 19 2
WS1-2 551 250 atmospheric 275 19 2
WS2-2 1 433 650 atmospheric 275 19 2
MS2-2 2 425 1 100 atmospheric 275 19 2
MS2-2 4 630 2 100 atmospheric 275 19 2

*Typical size of CO2 compressors - Other models available on request


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