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SIAD/TPI supplies CO2 capture plants from gas streams with CO2 content less than 80% but higher than 5% using standard and advanced amine solution absorption and stripping technologies. TPI also is developing and evaluating new technologies and adsorbents to provide more efficient, lower-cost solutions

The amine capture process

The raw gas or flue gas enters the absorption column where it comes into contact with the amine solution. The amine solution only absorbs CO2 during this step while the unabsorbed gas is vented to the atmosphere or reused.

The rich amine solution (with CO2) is sent to the stripping column where, through the heat provided in the reboiler, the CO2 is separated from the solution. The CO2 leaving the top of the stripping column reaches a purity of 99%.

The lean amine solution (without CO2) is sent back to the absorption column to capture the CO2 back into the raw gas. The CO2 can be compressed or liquefied for sequestration or liquefied and further purified for food-grade quality applications.

Where Used:

  • Combustion processes
  • Cement kiln
  • Lime kilns
  • Petrochemical/chemical
  • Fossil fuel power plants
  • Waste and biogas processes