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SIAD/TPI CO2 liquefaction plants are installed at the exit of a CO2 capture plant or from other sources when the CO2 content of the raw gas stream is greater than 80% and capture is not required.

The CO2 raw gas flows to the CO2 compression package consisting of a CO2 piston or screw compressor. The compressed gas stream is then sent to the dehydration and purification system to remove the moisture and impurities in the stream. After this high-pressure treatment unit, a closed-circuit refrigeration unit reduces the temperature of the CO2 gas to its liquefaction level.

The liquid CO2 created in the condenser is gravity-fed to the stripper and reboiler, where the non-condensable impurities are “boiled off” to purify the final liquid CO2 product to the high-quality level required to meet food and beverage grade specifications

This high-quality Liquid CO2 product is then transferred to liquid storage for further use or pumped through a heat exchanger convert the liquid to gas and recovering the refrigeration. The pressurized CO2 can then be piped to a sequestration site or to a chemical process for permanent utilization.

Where Used:

  • Breweries
  • Distilleries and bioethanol
  • Dry ice production companies
  • Biogas upgrading off-gas systems (from digesters, landfills
  • Carbon capture system
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