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To optimize operating costs and to maintain the high efficiency of installed CO2 Plants, SIAD/TPI, with its skilled technicians, offers customers a complete range of services, spare parts supply, maintenance support, to maintenance service agreements, to remote monitoring, utilizing skilled technicians.

Spare Parts:

  • Consumables spare parts (4000 or 8000 machine operating hours and 2 or 5 years of overall plant operations)
  • Critical spare parts (for minimizing unexpected plants downtime)
  • Capital spare parts (high value long wearing parts)
  • Generic spare parts (common parts provided as a service)


  • Scheduled visits of TPI commissioning engineers to check, correct and optimize the performance of the CO2 plants
  • Scheduled visits of CO2/NH3/Freon compressor specialists to execute preventive maintenance on piston/screw compressors and/or refrigeration circuits
  • As required visits to customer site for on-site corrective maintenance due to unexpected breakdowns / emergencies
  • Revamping/upgrading of older CO2 plants to state-of-the-art including upgraded PLC control systems
  • Remote monitoring and assistance of CO2 Plants via TPI4U
    • Remote monitoring and key parameter checks
    • Remote emergency support
    • Allows online real-time worldwide remote connection and control of all SIAD/TPI CO2 plants
    • Can be implemented on all installed CO2 plants to monitor and control plant operations and performance
    • Simple internet connections and no modifications to installed PLC control systems and software architecture
  • Training courses
    • On-site theoretical and practical training programs for CO2 plant operations


SIAD/TPI also designs and manufactures Biogas Upgrading Plants and small scale Biomethane Liquefaction plants

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