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SIAD’s Gas Nitrogen with Turbine (GNT) series gas plants are custom designed to specific customer requirements of production flow rate, pressure and purity. This plant series comprises a family of process designs developed though years of experience in having provided over 80 GNT custom plant solutions delivered to various customers in the traditional industries of chemical, petrochemical, refining, electronics, metallurgy and glass. Additionally, we are providing solutions for new applications relating to energy transition such as green ammonia production where the hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, with the electrolyzer and GNT plants powered by renewable energy.

GNT series nitrogen plants utilize an expansion turbine to provide the process refrigeration required for the cryogenic distillation process. GNT plants can provide up to 50,000 Nm3/hr. (1,900 MSCFH) of nitrogen gas and can be configured to provide simultaneous liquid production for backup or peak shaving

Impianti merchant_soluzioni customizzate
Impianti merchant_soluzioni customizzate