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Our Air Fractionating Plant (AFP) series cryogenic air separation plants make high purity liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LIN) and liquid argon (LAR) for the industrial and medical gases industry and for industries that require the load following flexibility of liquid products.

AFP plants are custom designed to specific customer requirements of LOX, LIN and LAR product mix and purity levels. Ultra-high product purity levels up to grade 6.0 oxygen and grade 7.0 nitrogen are available. Plant capacities range from approximately 1200 to 30,000 Nm3/hr (45,000 SCFH to 1,140,000 SCFH) of total LOX production and can include a high purity gaseous nitrogen stream for pipeline supply or for future liquefaction. A SIAD NLU can be added at any time to liquefy all or part of the gaseous nitrogen stream.

Our engineering teams focus on providing our customers with the most cost-effective plant solutions. State-of-the-art process designs target minimizing energy consumption and OPEX; modular plant designs with comprehensive scope of supply ensure lowest possible CAPEX.

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Impianti merchant_soluzioni customizzate