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SIAD offers a wide range of API 618 Reciprocating Compressors designed and engineered to compress air for a variety of applications.

These compressors draw air directly from the atmosphere, or they can compress air already pressurized by sources in the customer’s plant, acting as a “booster” to reach the required pressure.

Depending on each customer’s requirements, the compressors can compress both dry air and humid air; for this, SIAD provides automatic condensate discharge systems to ensure the best performance of the compression unit.

The compressors are skid-mounted, and they can be oil free or minimally lubricated depending on the required working pressure.

The compressors offer greater operating flexibility compared to screw compressors since SIAD reciprocating compressors are not restricted by inlet air conditions. As a result, SIAD compressors can successfully adapt to nearly every customer requirement.

Due to the configuration of the cylinders, and the option of a belt drive, the footprint required is optimized, not only saving valuable space but also facilitating easier maintenance.  Finally, the low rotation speeds result in reduced wear and subsequent down time.

SIAD offers a complete package which includes the compression unit and drier to provide customers with the required dry compressed air, with a guaranteed dew point down to -40°C (-40 F)