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Poll Position- Episode 3: Green Hydrogren

Poll Position- Episode 3: Green Hydrogren



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SIAD hydrogen compressors are reciprocating compressors which can compress hydrogen or hydrogen-rich mixtures for various applications, at any purity requirement.

SIAD has a proven track record in this sector, with thousands of hydrogen compressors installed throughout the world.

H2 testing facility: All of our compressors are tested in-house before delivery

SIAD has an in-depth knowledge of gases and related processes to meet nearly every customer requirement. With SIAD also having and industrial gases business, we are able to test hydrogen compressor prototypes and production units at our Osio ASU complex integrated with our hydrogen production unit to provide real world operating conditions for the various tests that we conduct before certifying design upgrades or new designs.



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SIAD hydrogen compressors are designed and manufactured in accordance with the ATEX Directive 94/9 / EC, or other applicable standards (including: API standard 618; SAE standard J2601 and J2719) and have the following characteristics:


  • Fitted with rod seal packs with a gas recovery system from packing rings to avoid loss of H2 and rods specially treated to work at high pressure in no-lube conditions.

  • Flushing of the spacer chambers and frame with inert gas (nitrogen).

  • Zero-leakage connections with metallic ring join gaskets (1500# and 2500#) and dedicated metal-to-metal sealing above 2500#.

  • Specific design and selection of materials for valves (low lift, high quality PEEK grade for plates).

  • Specially designed piston rings, rider rings and rod packing rings, for materials and/or geometry.

  • Rugged cylinder design in forged steel for higher pressure values.

  • Wide and generous cooling area to keep sliding surfaces at low temperature and extend rings’ lifetime.

  • Water cooled rod packing.

SIAD is able to produce reciprocating compressors of the highest quality that integrate into existing customer production lines. The design disciplines applied to every compressor design include:

  • Pulsation, acoustical, torsional, bending analysis;
  • Finite elements structural verification;
  • Fluid-dynamic verification Fatigue calculation;
  • Measurement and verification of vibration, ultrasonic, thermography, radiography;
  • Chemical, physical and metal particles oil analysis.


Additionally, SIAD employs state-of-the-art design tools including:

  • Software for Mechanical calculation:
    3D modelling, static elastic Fem analysis, infinite life fatigue analysis. 
    Elastic bodies motion of the complete frame, static elastoplastic Fem analysis.
    Multiaxial fatigue analysis with the algorithm of Dang Van or Brown – Miller – Morrow.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software
    The gas paths are studied by the computer with most advanced CFD software with the aim to reach at the same time a small clearance volume, for a greater volumetric efficiency, and large and well profiled passages for low pressure losses.

  • Digital instrumentation (3D, 6 axis measurements) & Augmented Reality tools capable of
    detecting the measurements of some components our compressors comparing them with those of the technical drawings. In this way, we can create real "digital twins” of our machines and to evaluate their performance, developing, where necessary, improvement actions to offer our customers increasingly reliable and top performing products.