VITO Next: green light to sustainability

VITO Next: green light to sustainability

VITO Next: green light to sustainability

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VITO Next: green light to sustainability - main

SIAD has always placed environmental protection at the center of its values: VITO Next is an oil-free compressor for blowing PLA, rPET or any kind of biopolymer which contributes to sustainable development within the entire food and beverage supply chain.


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In addition to being used for blowing PLA and rPET bottles, VITO Next excels in the following subjects in terms of sustainability:


  • Product Weight: 31%* reduction

  • Product Volume: 23%* reduction

  • 10-16% reduction in energy consumption, depending on model

  • 1,200 t of CO2 offset per year

  • Noise: reduced with soundproofed suction filter

  • Powder Coating: environmentally friendly, does not contain heavy metals

  • Reduction of materials: optimization of vibration dampers and belts, absence of cement and lead inside the skid.


*when compared to the previous model

Maximum flexibility

The flexibility of the VITO NEXT range, with 2 or 3-stage solutions, effectively and efficiently meets the delivery pressure requirements associated with the use of rPET or biopolymers.